USAWUSC welcomes old and new customers from all over the world. In friendship: Its Always A Pleasure To Meet. Friendship instills trust which we believe is the basis for stable and long term business. We are a family company with family values supported by professional design and engineering management that places people and the environment before profit. Natural parkland in our city is supported and sponsored by our company. Pleasant gardens greet our visitors to our factory closely followed by our 600 employees therein.

USAWUSC has a high profile as a professional manufacturer of kitchen knives, scissors, knife blocks and kitchen accessories. From modest beginnings in 1983 our company has grown impressively. USAWUSC has accomplished this by responding to the needs of our export markets. Firstly, and foremost, we recognized that International market requirements are different to our strong domestic market. Secondly, we have, and continue to, invest in new premises and modern production processing and quality testing equipment which continually takes the quality of our kitchen knives to new levels. Thirdly, we have listened to our customers and responded to their needs – we like to think that nothing is impossible. We believe we have created a fusion between East and West innovation for the benefit for all markets around the world. By working with our customers we take our responsibilities seriously and will never cease to further raise our standards of customer service by always delivering fit for function products, exactly to specification, to agreed delivery dates, competitively, and in friendship.

Visitors to our knife factory, which moved to new, purpose built, 40000sm premises in 2004, are always impressed with our disciplines and process and quality controls and we are frequently told that we are the best kitchen knife manufacturer they have ever visited. Every year, our sales value stably keeps increasing. Kind compliments, but not ones that allow us to become complacent.  We do not subcontract processes. We believe that quality can only be controlled from within. For every production item developed we produce process and quality assurance documentation defining process and quality checks by our yellow coats –our trained inspectors - at every production stage. Our important product controls focus on sharpness, hardness and edge retention. Our processes are critically controlled utilizing employee skills and industry professional measurement techniques. Our knives are periodically checked and assessed by CATRA against the requirements of International Standards EN ISO 8442-5 for cutting edge retention and sharpness. Our product testing and development laboratory is industry professional and more than equal to the facilities at CATRA.

We invite you to visit us and see for yourself.